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Get to know your patients: teenage boys - a quick tip from Dr. Omar Noor

We sat down with Dr. Omar Noor, board certified dermatologist from New York City, for a far-ranging discussion about current issues in dermatology. One of the topics discussed: the changing attitudes of teenage boys regarding skin care.

This “quick tip” from Dr. Noor is part of the Galderma Experts Series in which we speak with world-renowned leaders in dermatology about patient care and practice management.

DR. NOOR: Patients have changed. Patients have evolved. Patients are much more concerned about their skin care. Obviously, I see a large pediatric adolescent population, and teenage boys have dramatically changed, right? Seven years ago, you ask a guy about moisturizer, major – I would say 75, 80 percent of the time no chance. "Have you ever used moisturizer? Will you use moisturizer?" "Gross." But now I would say 75 percent of the time I'll say, "Oh, would you ever consider using a moisturizer?" especially for acne patients.

We want to make sure that their barrier is well established and that they're not getting too much irritation from their prescription. And this 15-year-old boy will just rattle off their skin care regimen. I'm like, oh! Times have changed. We need to evolve with that, and I think with that, adherence is also improving.

And if we can communicate not only our treatment regimen for their prescriptions, we also have to keep in mind that we're communicating their skin care regimen. We have to be able to communicate all of their products in combination with what we're recommending.

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